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There is much more to Web Design than meets the eye

There is much more to Web Design than meets the eye

There is a lot more to web design than meets the eye. It is not just a question of picking an appealing template and throwing some content into it.

You need to think about your website the same way you would think about your sales person. Does it represent your business well? Does it come across as if it knows something about your industry?

Does it address your customer’s problems? What about your competition and the alternative solutions they offer? Is it clear and concise or too verbose? Just right or too technical?

Does it mesmerize your customers and compels them to buy… or does it leave them confused and frustrated?

SEO Web Design – the key to generating leads and sales

The purpose of the website is not to win the look of the year competition, but is to fulfil several specific objectives to be found by the search engines, to attract the right customers and convert them to qualified leads or buyers.

You should always remember that your website needs to appeal to two  distinctly different types of visitors – your potential clients and the search engines. Search engines don’t care about the visual appeal of your website, they can’t “see” the graphics or the content embedded in Flash. The search engine algorithms score your web design based on close to 200 different factors and the look of your website and how pretty it is isn’t one of them.

To score well in the search engine books, your website needs to be fast loading, easy to navigate, have relevant, fresh content and follow a few specific rules on how the content should be structured. Almost the same rules apply to your human visitors. Simplicity, functionality, ease of navigation  and the rule – “Don’t make me think” should be your guiding motto in web design.

Web Design – One size does not fit all

There are many different types of website. If you are a photographer or an artist your need will obviously be different to the needs of a tradesmen or a solicitor.

Here are some web design examples:

Web Design options

Depending on your needs, we can create for you a professional website with or without a Content Management System, add to it a WordPress blog, a forum or turn it into a membership site. We can also incorporate some cool effects into your website, like a Flash header or an animated image, add a picture gallery with zoom effect, or add a video or a podcast to enhance your sales message.

We can also help you configure an Autoresponder, design a form and incorporate it into your web page, to help you build a prospect list.

Web design prices

Website design prices vary and are dependent on the complexity of the design and how clear is your idea of what you want in terms of the design. If your brief is clear and you are not too fussy in terms of small details, you can pretty much budget according to our base prices given below. If you are very specific about your design and require an intricate design with a lot of graphics, the base price has to be adjusted according to the time spent on it.

The prices of all our websites include, where appropriate, keyword research and on-page Search Engine Optimization but exclude Domain Name Registration, Hosting, Webmaster Services and Website Promotion. If you require an all inclusive package, check our Web Design Packages section.

If you need a bigger site, just add approximately €75 per page. This includes extra keyword research, placing your page content, adding and sizing the graphics and on-page search engine optimization.

Content Management System (CMS)

Adding a Content Management System to your website allows you to maintain your own web pages. You can upload your own pictures, change the text, create or delete web pages and be independent of a web designer for day-to-day maintenance of your website. Some content management systems allow you even to change the look of your website in one click by uploading a different theme or “skin”. The theme acts like a container for the website text and pictures. It “frames” the content of a web page.

WordPress as a CMS and a Blog

WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform into a powerful CMS system. WordPress can now be used to produce amazingly sophisticated websites.

Below are some examples of websites that use WordPress as a CMS:

A High-Profile Charity

A High-Profile Charity

A Management Consulting Company

A Management Consulting Company

Holiday Apartment in Cyprus

Let us design your business website

We can create for you:

  • a traditional, static website,
  • a WordPress-based website (you get a website with a blog and a CMS)
  • or add a Worpress Blog into your website and  integrate it seamlessly with your existing design.

The cost will depend on how complex your website is, what functionalities you require and how intricate you want your design to be.

If you decide to go with WordPress, you can buy either buy a Premium WordPress Theme and have it customised by us, or we can design a bespoke theme for you. Although there are also many free WordPress themes, we don’t recommend them for business use. Designing a bespoke theme is not as expensive as designing a website – see our web design prices here.

If you would like to find out more about designing a website using WordPress or you would like to order one of our web design services, contact us.

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