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Search Engine Optimisation - Essential if you want to appear in Google Search

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Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is a process of making sure that those factors or conditions that enable your web pages to rank high in the natural search results are satisfied.

Before your website can be found in Google or other search engines, it first has to be indexed.

Search engine index works a bit like the old library cards system. The index contains snippets of information about each page of your website, its theme and the most important keywords.

When someone searches for information on the internet, the search engine, checks its index and  retrieves only those pages that are relevant to the search terms.

The order in which the retrieved pages are displayed is determined by the search algorithm, a closely guarded secret blend of over 200 factors such as web page relevancy, authority, popularity, loading speed and  content freshness.

Why is being listed on the first page of the search results so important?

Many companies focus all their efforts on building a website, but never set aside any budget for search engine optimisation. As a result, the site looks good but seldom gets any visitors.

Online Marketing is a bit like real estate. You are never going to make any money unless you have a great location.

Research has shown that 89.92% of all people who search online never click beyond the first page of Google. In fact, the web page listed in position 1 of Google search results, gets the lion share of all the traffic – a whooping42.13%.

The second website gets only 11.9%, a difference of just one position means 75% less traffic and that often means 75% less sales!

Search Engine Optimisation should therefore be an essential element of web design and online marketing strategy.

Is Search Engine Optimisation worth the effort and the expense?

search engine optimisation services (SEO)

SEO improves your search engine ranking

If you would like to learn more about calculating the ROI of search engine optimization, please download our “Search Engine Optimisation Case Study”.

The Case Study discusses an investment in SEO of a small solicitor’s website to improve its search engine ranking and compares it to the resulting increase in solicitor’s earnings.

The case study shows you how you can calculate your own potential Return on SEO Investment and helps you set up your own Search Engine Optimisation budget. You can download the case study by entering your email address in the form above.

Search Engine Optimisation Prices

We charge €85 plus VAT per page for “on-page” Search Engine Optimisation (minimum €200 plus VAT).

This includes comprehensive website review, keyword research, competitive research, analysis of your page loading speed, optimisation of graphics on your site, optimisation of Meta tags and Alt-Tags, review of internal structure and navigation of your site, tweaking your website content to improve keyword density and positioning and much more.

You get a before and after Website review report and report on ranking of each page in the search results (Google) for the targeted keyword.

Bear in mind that Search Engine Optimisation is not instant and not a once off effort. It frequently takes a few months of continuous monitoring of your site and tweaking it, before you can see desired results.

Ready to optimise your website?

If your website seems to be lost in the cyberspace, it might need to be optimised and promoted. If you would like us to review your website and let you know  what should be done to lift it out of obscurity, click on the blue button below.

We don’t optimize websites created entirely in Flash (search engines can’t read Flash very well). Our average turnaround for search engine optimisation on  a small website is one week.

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