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Online marketing strategy

Online marketing strategy

Many small businesses often struggle with defining their online marketing strategy.

With such a proliferation of online marketing  techniques with strange names like Squidoo, HubPages, Twitter, Ning, Digg and Foursquare, it is easy to understand why.

Defining an effective online marketing strategy requires in-depth knowledge of many disciplines  such as:  keyword research, search engine optimization, link building strategy, article marketing, blogging, directory submissions, Social Media, Pay Per Click Advertising, page ranks, web analytics, email marketing, auto responders and many more.

Even if you can design your own web pages, are on Facebook and understand the the importance of search engine optimization, it is still wise to bounce your ideas off someone who has knowledge and experience.

An online marketing strategy consists of many moving parts and it is easy to get it wrong. If nothing else, getting an advice early in the game will give you clarity as to what needs to happen, in what order and why.

It will also give you a realistic view of the effort required, costs involved and the outcomes you can expect.

An Online Marketing Strategy improves the return on your marketing investment

Most companies implement online marketing on a trial and error basis. Unfortunately without proper understanding of how all components fit together, they usually blow their marketing budget in the process, without achieving any measurable results.

Learning is important, but it is unlikely that you will become an expert in keyword research, web design, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation , Social Media and many other aspects of online marketing  overnight.

Talk to us, before you blow your online marketing budget!  We can tailor your strategy to any budget and advise you where to put your money and efforts first, so you get the best Return on your Online Marketing Investment. An Online Marketing Strategy consultation will help you avoid the pitfalls and to focus on the essentials.

Online Marketing Strategy Advice

In essence, an Online Marketing Strategy consultation will give you the answer to the following questions:

  • how should you structure your website, so that it is easily navigated by your potential visitors and quickly indexed by the search engines
  • what search terms (keywords) should you focus on when building your website content
  • what you should do to get traffic (visitors) to your website
  • what should you focus on to increase the probability of visitor conversion (from casual browsers to qualified leads and sales)

We approach building your online marketing strategy in a structured manner, starting with a thorough keyword research. Using state of the art keywords research tools, we are able to determine how many searches are performed for a particular keyword (search term), every month, on all of the major search engines. They also show us how much competition there is for each particular keyword, and where there is a potential gap worth targeting.

We then draw the recommended structure of your website, the pages and sub-pages, how your content should be split up and what you need to focus on to attract traffic to your website and encourage visitor conversion.

As the last step, we advise you on the most appropriate marketing channels and techniques and suggest how you should allocate your marketing budget.

Online Marketing Strategy Report

Based on the results of keyword research, competitive research, your website objectives and your marketing budget, we will look for the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website and convert it to leads, sales or whatever else your desired outcome might be.

Your Online Marketing Strategy Report will include the following information:

  • Your online marketing objectives and your target audience
  • Description of sample personas to help you identify with a specific segment of your target market.
  • A Keyword List with up to 100 possible keywords for your website
  • Keyword Analysis showing the number of monthly searches performed in Google /Yahoo or Bing
  • Competitive Analysis listing the number of web pages competing for the same traffic
  • A list of 10 top competing web pages for a each of your top 20 keywords (a list of 200 web pages in total)
  • SEO analysis of the competing web pages (if you have a website we will compare it to your competitors and highlight possible improvements)
  • Recommended top 10 keywords your website should be optimized for
  • An advice on the structure and content of your website, so it attracts most traffic and encourages conversion
  • Advice on the steps you should follow to build your website’s credibility
  • Advice on the marketing channels you should focus on for the maximum return on your investment
  • A detailed implementation plan and cost estimate for the above strategy
  • Proposed project metrics and targets (a list of performance indicators which will help us achieve and measure the success of the proposed online marketing strategy e.g number of leads, value of sales, click-through rate, conversion ratio etc)

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