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Keyword research should be the first step in planning your online marketing strategy. Keywords or key phrases are the search terms people use to find information on the internet.

Keyword research is essential to online success

Keywords are like bait. If you use the wrong ones, you go home empty handed.

Find the right ones and watch your sales soar, get them wrong and all your efforts spent on designing, optimizing and promoting your website will be wasted.

Nearly 90% of keywords generate little or no traffic. Some keywords generate a lot of traffic, but the people who use them are not buyers. They are just browsing for information.

Do you know which keywords your website should be optimised for?

Why is keyword research so important?

In marketing one must never assume anything. Sometimes two seemingly identical search phrases produce dramatically different results.

Lets compare the search results for two keywords that are often used interchangeably: “web design” and “website design”. The search using the first keyword returned 309 million pages, while the second “only” 233 million.

This means that there is 30% less competition for the second keyword compared to the first. However, there are 7.5 million searches per month globally for “web design” and “only” 2.2 million for “website design”.

“Web Design” may therefore be a better keyword to target (although further keyword research that will reveal how strong is the competition might swing it the other way).

“Web design” and “website design” are not the only search terms people could be using. Potential customers could be using the keywords: web design, website design, web site design, website designer, web designers, web design company, create website, design website or some other search term we might not even be aware of.

Do you need help with keyword research?

We use state of the art keyword research tools, that enable us to determine how many searches are performed for a particular keyword every month in all of the major search engines.

They also show us how much competition there is for each particular keyword, and where there is a gap worth targeting.

This knowledge combined with our experience enables us to determine a web design and search engine optimization strategy that is going to give you the best return on your investment.

If you would like us to help you with keyword research and selecting the right keywords to target, click on the red button below.

We bundle keyword research with all our web design packages, so if you have a website designed by us, you don’t need to order this service separately.

Keyword Research process

Basic keyword research involves keyword discovery and keyword evaluation.

  • We first list all keywords that are used to search for your types of products and services on the internet.
  • Then we eliminate  keywords that are not relevant to your business, keywords that are seldom used and keywords that have too much competition (too many web pages that are optimised for that keyword). Through this process we select 10 best keywords you should be targeting.
  • As part of our in-depth keyword research we also evaluate up to ten websites you would be competing against for each of the keywords and report to you how much work (SEO and link building) will be required to beat them to the top of the search results.

We always conduct keyword research before we begin designing, optimising or marketing your website, so keyword research is included in the price of all our web design packages.

Keyword Research Prices

Keyword research is time consuming. Depending on how competitive your specific field is, it may take a while to uncover keywords worth targeting.

Depending on your specific needs and budget, we can do a basic research (suitable if you are planning to use Pay Per Click Advertising and Social Media to drive traffic to your website), or in-depth keyword research (if you would like to rely primarily on the “natural” traffic that comes from ranking on the first page of the search results).

We charge €30 plus VAT for basic keyword research (per seed keyword) and €50 plus VAT for an in-depth keyword research.



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