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We offer reliable web hosting services on a secure business web server.If you are serious about marketing your business online, you need reliable web hosting. In order to allow visitors to access your website over the internet, you have to host it on a web server.

The web server you choose should be fast, secure, frequently backed up and have competent support staff looking after it in case things go wrong. You would be surprised how many hosting providers don’t offer that.

The cost of web hosting depends on your website space requirements and how much traffic comes to your website. For business hosting you need to look for the hosting provider that guarantees 99.9% server uptime, frequent off-site data backups, good support and lots of bandwidth.

The higher the bandwidth the faster your visitors can access your website, even if many people visit your website at the same time. If the access to your site is slow, potential visitors will get tired of waiting and go elsewhere.

Unfortunately, reliable web hosting is not that easy to find and finding a  hosting provider that is not only reliable, but also offers great support at an affordable price is even more difficult.

We have evaluated a number of hosting providers and were horrified to find out that even some of the biggest hosting companies have very poor ratings with the Better Business Bureau. We were even more suprised when we read some of the horror stories about their service levels published in webmaster forums.

After long and agonising research, we have finally selected six companies (two in the UK, two in Ireland and two in the USA), that we are proud to be affiliated with. If you are looking for a reliable web hosting company, we can wholeheartedly recommend them.

We offer a choice of reliable web hosting services
in three different countries – Ireland, UK and the US

Why do we provide hosting in three different countries? According to Matt Cutts, an official spokesman of Google, your web server location is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization.

For most local businesses it is best to have their website hosted on a local server. If you trade internationally and most of your traffic comes from abroad, it may be advisable that you host your website elsewhere. Depending on your specific marketing need, we can provide web hosting on the some of the best web servers in Ireland, UK or the USA.

We only work with the top, professional web hosting companies that guarantee 99.99% server uptime and fast web access. We are an official re-seller for Hostgator hosting, one of the best hosting companies in the USA. However, you don’t have to host with Hostgator. You can choose any of our six approved hosting providers, either in the UK, Ireland or the USA.

Web hosting prices depend on the location of your servers. Hosting in the US is the cheapest, but if your primary market is in UK, you should rather host your website on the UK server. Beware, there are many US companies that advertise in the UK, either directly or via their resellers, without disclosing their server location.

Web hosting prices

For hosting in Ireland, we charge a nominal fee of €60 per year plus VAT (or €5 per month) for Starter Hosting, €120 per year (or €10 per month) for Business Hosting and €240 per year (€20 per month) for Premium Business Hosting (required if you have an eCommerce site or a busy blog). Hosting an additional website on the same hosting package is 50% cheaper.

The annual hosting fee includes large storage space on the server, huge bandwidth, 24/7 server monitoring and support, weekly off-site data backups, email facility with Webmail and more.

You can probably get hosting marginally cheaper when you buy it direct from the hosting company, but is it worth the hassle to save  a few Euro per year?

With us you get the first line of support and some basic webmaster services. We will set up your emails, autoresponders and redirects.  We will upload your website and take care of the domain, script and database transfers.

We will also monitor traffic to your website and ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth. In case there is a problem, we will spend time on the phone to the web server support staff, so you don’t have to. The hosting price includes backups of your website in case something goes wrong. We can also offer you an option to do your own additional backups if you need to.

Look below at the impressive features of our hosting packages:

Premium Business Hosting Package Features

Web Hosting Features…

Linux based hosting on an Apache server
Unlimited Web Space
100 GB Web Traffic
PHP & MySQL Support
Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups
24/7/365 Server Monitoring
Secure FTP support
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Safe Harbor certified web servers (US only)

Control Panel Features…

Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel (cPanel)
Website Statistics: AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager,
Referrer and Error Logs
Fantastico or equivalent 1-click software installer
Password Protected Directories and Custom Error Pages
Web Based File Manager, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager,
Redirect URL

Programming and Database Features…

MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin Access
Programming Language: CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 4 or 5, 3.5, 2.0 & 1.1
Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSI
Programming Modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library, ImageMagick
System Management: SSH Access and Cron Job Scheduling
FrontPage Extensions

Email Features…

Email Accounts set up for you
POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP
Professional WebMail Access
Receive your email to your phone via IMAP Support
Prevent spam with SpamAssassin
Autoresponders, Mail Forwards, Email Aliases

Award Winning Support…

Premium Support via Phone, Chat and email
Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups
24/7/365 Server Monitoring


The package that you choose can be upgraded or downgraded through your account at any time, and without any disruption to your service. We recommend that you choose a package that meets or exceeds your existing needs, so that you’ll have room to grow.

We don’t bind you with long term contracts and offer 30 days money back guarantee on all our web hosting packages if you are not in any way satisfied with the service. All payments are processed securely by PayPal®.


Contact us if you require reliable Web Hosting in Ireland, UK or the US.

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